Introduction to ZEUS

If you set up configuration files with this system or anything that you value please ensure that your put a password on the webspace that holds the files. I would also suggest that you use ssl for communication with the website.

Some files that are suitable candidates for this are aliases, exim.conf and associated files, and any others you can think of. The idea behind these files was brought about by necessity. I have had many contracts where the resident staff or the staff that will have to administer the systems I install often have no previous experience of anything other than point and click. Every location has been genuinely shocked that the computers do not fall over weekly / monthly as they used to when using other operating systems; however there is always the difficulty of how do they make the daily changes. While many people would not think twice about logging in using ssh or putty there is a tremendous learning curve to using vi or emacs before one even considers explaining how an email is formed and why they should know what headers are (for things like spamassassin etc.) I needed an interface that could be reached from a variety of operating systems and be easily configurable to allow for the differences between sites.

I know that I could use a database or webmin; however many sites need something even more simple to provide just aliases configuration or smtp passwords etc.

Here are the files and how it works:

I have yet to fix the register_globals for these scripts. I do not use them at the moment and so have not invested the time, though it is an easy fix.

For the unixheads out there – no it does not read email yet :-)