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Trim colours:


Paint colours:





Engine renovation / restoration in Stockholm:
Enebyberg’s motorrenovering (they have a clean and friendly workshop and do cylinder block reboring, Cylinder head renovation, cylinder head planing, crankshaft restoration and brake disc restoration). They can be found at Stationsvägen 2B, Täby. +4687581959

Spitfire commission numbers:


Possible supplier for the clips for the rear cockpit trim for early cars:






Suggested replacement heater for Spitfire. (I plan to fit this at some point in the near future):


New bumpers

I ordered a new stainless steel bumper for my spitfire. I purchased it from Group Harrington.

There are a number of reviews of the bumpers and I thought I would detail the tweaks that needed to be done to my new bumpers.

It arrived quickly, three weeks after order over the new year.

It would be nice to be able to purchase a fitting kit as the bolts that I received are too few to fit and as mentioned elsewhere they are metric rather than UNC as is the rest of the car. (Or to have a fitting kit provided after having spent €900)

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts received with the kit.

New longer bolt

One of the two longer bolts provided, this is 53mm.

New shorter bolt

One of the two shorter bolts provided, this is 35mm.

New vs old bolts

The new bolts (top) are too short to use to connect to the car. You can see the longer bolts provided with the bumper compared to the long bolts that connect to the top piece of the rear vertical piece of the bumper. The bolts are M8 and 53mm and 35mm long. The short bolts are too short to connect the two pieces of the rear bumpers; so the longer bolts have to be used to connect the horizontal to the vertical piece. The shorter bolts could be used to connect the sides of the rear bumper to the car.

Rear Bumper packaged

Rear Bumper in it’s packing (bubble-wrap and then cloth.)

Original rear bumper is 2mm thick steel.

Original rear bumper is 2mm thick steel.

New bumpers are 1mm thick.

The 1mm thick steel bends easily when bolted together.

The 1mm thick steel bends easily when bolted together. It would be great if this particular piece would use thicker steel.

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This is intended to document the on-going events with my MKII Spitfire.

At present the engine is out being rebored, and having the cam shaft and crank shaft checked. It has a reconditioned head with inserts to run on unleaded.

I have just purchased new stainless steel bumpers and will be replacing the MK3 bumper (which is not original) with a MK2.

MK3 bumper mounts on MK1

MK3 bumper mounts on MK1

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